• Sagala Stone Mystery

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Sagala Stone Mystery

Sagala is a mystery stone from space. Centuries ago, while Earth was a paradise, its habitants could have anything using the magic stone in the name of good.

But people misappropriated this saint rule and has awaken evil. Sagala has broken in several pieces and lost its power. Now the stone is wakening from a sleep. A little illusionist - amateur Kuba Zawilski, discovers that by performing his art he can help Sagala. He wants to buy it on precious stone market, but unfortunately, he is preceded by his neighbor, Mr Burski. Familiar with Sagala legend, owner of the shop with precious stones, Kruks also seeks it. He wants to take it back from Burski, but the men had already given the stone to Kuba for safe-keeping. The boy doesn’t know yet what kind of troubles would Sagala bring to him.